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Rear Window

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Last night Alex and I went on a very nostalgic date. When we first started seeing each other I was taking a Philosophy of Film class at Penn State and I would invite her along to various classic, weird, and wonderful films that I had to watch as part of that class. These screenings inevitably took place in a lecture theatre of some 70’s concrete-block building, with bum-numbingly uncomfortable seats, which was certainly not the most romantic of settings…. but they were sure to provide plenty of fodder for discussion over a cup of tea afterwards, which I think probably helped us through those first stumbling steps. Of course in those days neither of us was sure if these cinematic meetings were dates at all or merely friendly invitations, but we now know that we were both hoping they were the former.

One of the films we saw in those early days was Hitchcock’s classic “Rear Window” with Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly, so when I saw that it was being screened at St. John’s college as part of a student film series, I thought we ought to go for old times sake. Sure enough it was shown in a 70’s concrete building with agonising seats…. but that just made it perfect! It was funny to reminisce about how we’ve changed (Alex had long hair to her knees! No glasses or mustache for me.) and think how we never would have guessed back then that we’d be watching the same film where we are today.

There’s a little reminisence of ours and a tidbit of insight into our fantastic voyage, past and present. Besides all that, you should definitely see “Rear Window” if you get a chance. It’s brilliant, suspenseful, and hilarious. The last time we went to a film at the St. John’s series was to see “Manufactured Landscapes“, which documents Edward Burtynsky’s journey around the world photographing the impact of manufacturing on the landscape. There’s a lot of emphasis on China and it really is a fascinating look at so many places that you never see. The images are incredibly beautiful and shocking at the same time (from the standpoint of our destructive power). If you come across the film or can rent it, I can’t recommend it enough… it’s truly phenomenal. Be warned however that it’s on the long-side… so best to find a comfy seat!