Rebirth of the Victory garden…

After many lessons learned last summer with my first gardening attempt, I’ve started working on my garden for this summer. Lesson 1: start early. I made the mistake of planting seeds for tomato last year so late that I didn’t get any fruit until nearly September and the yields were pretty poor. Lesson 2: courgette (zucchini) and apartment garden don’t mix. As successful as my courgette plant was last summer, my poor neighbor had to step over and squeeze past the monstrous plant and I’ve decided growing courgette in small spaces falls into the category of antisocial behavior. If only there was some way to make them grow up a trellis…but that is beyond the scope of my gardening skills for the time being. Lesson 3: thin seedlings. I just couldn’t bring myself to uproot excess seedlings last year and ended up with messes of tangled plantlets that ended up dying anyway. I haven’t worked up the courage to tear the poor things up yet, but I’m definitely planning on it this year.
So, with these lessons (hopefully) learned, I’ve started my 2011 garden. I’m growing a few varieties of tomato, sweet peas, bell peppers, chili peppers, rocket (arugula?) and gem lettuce. So far I have seedlings of everything but the bell peppers, which I’m starting to worry won’t sprout :( If all goes well, I’ll be able to plant them outside in pots soon, and hopefully I’ve started early enough to harvest some fruit during the summer.

Oh, and I nearly forgot that I started my first mushroom kit about two weeks ago.  I’m expecting my first harvest in another 2-3 weeks and there is already a little bump of a mushroom forming!


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